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Our staff is here to support you

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Liz Rein

Operations Manager

Liz supervises the areas of transaction coordination, listings, commission payouts, and our physical office space. For most questions, she can either provide an answer or tell you where to look.

(952) 250-3309


Jilayna Arcoren

Sales Manager

Jilayna supports our team by working on lead sources, systems and processes, agent pipelines, and agent support/accountability.


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Hannah Knudtson

Lead Marketing Coordinator

Hannah provides print and social media support for our team, listings, and agents. Hannah is also our team photographer, in addition to being an agent.

(641) 903-9457

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Elizabeth Norman

Transaction Coordinator

Our TCs handle all of our transactions from the time a purchase agreement is signed through closing. Once a transaction is submitted to the TCs through our submission form, they will manage communication, contract documents, broker review, and deadlines.

(612) 712-8320


Joe Dennis

Lead Manager

Joe is the lead member of the ISA team. He manages the lead sources, other ISAs, prospects & sets appointments for the team.

(952) 855-3667


Holly Cihla

Executive Manager

Holly supports our team by heading our Client Care department and assisting our Operations Team.



Michelle Frokjer

Operations Coordinator

Michelle overseas our transactions department, manages onboarding coordination and systems.



Kaitlyn Schmiel

Marketing Coordinator

Kaitlyn focuses on event planning and past client engagement.

(952) 818-9993


Emily Iverson

Listing Coordinator

Our LC handles all of our listings from contract to live date. Once a listing is submitted to the LC through our submission form, they will manage communication, document & broker review, MLS data entry and more!



Cooper Riach

Field Services Agent

Cooper works on the Field Services Team to assist our agents with various services & help them maximize their time & productivity.

(612) 987-7395

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