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Weekly team training Zoom sessions (every Thursday at 9:00am,

Bi-monthly team training Zoom session with the Tom Ferry organization

Access to unlimited training in eXp World

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Concrete Wall


Access all of our previously recorded training sessions via our Youtube channel, PHT Trainings

Training Forms
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Goal Projector

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Lead Region Map

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Recommended Reading

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Bill Pipes Sales Academy


Zillow Training Video

Zillow Zip Code Map.jpg
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Zillow Guidelines

White Structure

Optimize Your Phone for Zillow Flex

Life Cycle of a Buyer's Transaction
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This will guide you through every step of a buyer transaction from claiming a lead all the way to when it closes

Follow Up Boss Training Videos

Setting Up Account

Adding Leads

Lead Details

Client Communication

Smart Lists

Batch Emails

Lead Ponds

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FUB - Stages.png
FUB - ZF Stages.png
FUB - Smart Lists.png
FUB - Problem Leads.png
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