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  • Who is our broker?
    Our managing broker for Minnesota is Michelle Larson-Hoppe. She can be reached at or (612) 751-9303. Our managing broker for Wisconsin is Deb Capello. She can be reached at or (847) 772-3327.
  • What is our broker license number?
  • How do I change my direct deposit information for commission payments?
    Submit your new information to eXp at this link:
  • How do I have my commission paid to my entity (LLC, corporation, etc.) rather than to me personally?
    First, you will need to submit a W9 for your entity here: If you need to download a W9 to complete, you can get one here: If you’re also switching to a different bank account, submit your new direct deposit information here:
  • How do I change the credit card where eXp charges my monthly fee?
    The presentation at this link describes how to make the change: Basically, you’ll go in to your eXp Enterprise > My Business > Online Payments > Open Invoices. Once you’ve selected an invoice, you’ll be prompted to enter payment information and at that point you can elect to “Store Account and Set as Default.” If you aren’t able to complete those steps, you can use this link:
  • If a buyer wants to mail in earnest money on my listing, where should they send it?"
    Make the check payable to "eXp Realty" and mail it to: eXp Realty: Attn: Liz Rein 202 Water Street Suite 200 Excelsior, Mn 55331
  • Do I have to pay commission on the purchase or sale of my own home?
    On up to 3 transactions per year, PHT agents may choose to charge NO commission (or to apply the commission to their closing costs). In order to qualify, the agent’s name must be on the purchase agreement or the agent must live in the home being purchased/sold. The agent must still pay the $695 broker admin commission. This policy is consistent with eXp’s policy, which also allows for 3 personal transactions per year. eXp may also charge a fee ($140, historically).
  • Where can I get more information about the stock program or make changes to selection?
    Send an email to
  • I need help with Zillow/Zillow Flex, who do I contact?
    Email: Or.... If you are having a connection issue when answering Zillow Flex calls, Zillow Developers would like to know about it! Here are instructions on how to submit a ticket. To begin, please hold down the volume up, volume down, and power buttons on your iPhone for about 2 seconds. You will feel your device vibrate, and you'll likely see the SOS/power off screen. You can then close out of this screen. This will activate the system diagnostic tool on your device. The next time you receive a connection call where you aren't able to hear the buyer on the line, follow the below instructions *immediately* after ending the call: Open your Settings app. Choose Privacy and Security. Choose Analytics and Improvements. Choose Analytics Data. Find the sysdiagnose file with the most recent date and time stamp and click it. Click the box with an upward arrow in the top right. From here, you can either save to files or save to your chosen cloud storage, such as Google Drive. Once you've saved the file, please upload it to your preferred cloud storage and make the file shareable. Here are instructions on how to do that for Google Drive and DropBox: Share files from Google Drive Share a Dropbox file or folder via link Finally, please send that link to [] so that our developers can review the diagnostic information. Once you're done, you can stop the diagnostic tool by toggling off the Share iPhone Analytics option in Settings > Privacy and Security > Analytics and Data.
  • I need help with Showing Time, who do I contact?
    Showing Time Customer Support 800-379-0057
  • When a transaction cancels, who initiates the earnest money refund.
    When a cancellation is submitted to the broker, the broker will automatically initiate the earnest money refund.
  • How should I compensate my teammates for helping me?
    Below are some standard rates of compensation for agent help: - Contract writing: $25 per - Showing help: $50/hour - Final walk through: $100 - Closing help: $100
  • How do I get ahold of EXP Agent Support or EXP Tech Support?
    Contact Onboarding and Agent Support via phone and email Open 7 days a week from 5am - 8pm PST / 8am to 5pm EST. Call or text your questions to (833) 303-0610 Email your questions to: For TECH SUPPORT email:
  • What is eXp’s tax ID number?
  • Are we permitted to provide BPOs? If so, how do we go about getting paid?
    Yes. Please turn in the BPO itself, any documents you can obtain (i.e., work order, original email request for BPO), and payment (check payable to eXp Realty) to Liz. Regular splits will apply.
  • Who do I contact if my forms aren't showing up in Transaction Desk?
    Lone Wolf Technologies Support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We recommend this, during business hours, for the fastest response and resolution times. Contact us by phone: 800-668-8768. Contact us by email:
  • What is our Kaplan discount and how do I get it?
    We have a 15% discount code: Pemberton15 Students may use this code to receive discounts when purchasing courses through
  • How do I inform eXp/Department of Commerce if I change addresses?
    Here are the instructions... 1️⃣ Complete this form to change your W-9 with eXp Realty. 2️⃣ Go to the Pulse Portal, then go to "Change Contact Information". Update your address here.
  • How can I change my home address with the state and with eXp?
    Address with State You can do this by visiting Pulse Portal. Please note: If the address change is from state to state or changes your residency status, you must request an address change via e-mail. To update your business, residence, and mailing address as well as your phone number and email address on file, do the following: Log on to Pulse Portal > select Real Estate > Licensing Services: Change Contact Info > Enter your license # and social security number and last name Address with eXp Realty To change your address with eXp Realty, you need to complete a new W9. Here's the link-
  • I need more information about my EXP email, what should I do?
    Check out this link with all the information you'll need! EXP EMAIL 101/FAQ
  • Where can I find our E&O Certificate
    Here! See attachment
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